Monday, November 14, 2011

Sneak Peek....

Here's a few of the things I will have for sale at the boutique (if you are in S. Utah contact me and I will let you know more info about the boutique if you would like to attend). I will post prices later.
 These bandana dresses are SO cute!
 Here is the back with a little bow (sorry, it's kind of hard to see).
All bandana dresses are sold with a matching flower clip.
 Big Butt Baby pants.
 These are shown with the different options: different color rear panel, bottom cuffs, and pockets.

I make the pants out of cotton or flannel. They would make great pajama pants to open on Christmas Eve for those that give pajama pants each year. I can make anything you would like. I can applique a matching onesie or shirt for an additional price as well.
**Update: All pants will be sold with a matching onesie/shirt. Prices will include rear panel, different cuff, and/or pockets.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Coming soon....

I'm working on the things I want to sell. My sister is putting on a boutique that I'll have a booth at, at the end of this month so I'm busy getting ready for it. Not to mention getting ready for a family Thanksgiving at my house. I guess I like to have a full plate and then go crazy. :) Once I get things made I'll post pictures so you can see what I have and then I'll let you know what I still have for sale after the boutique, along with new things I make for you. Thank you for your patience!